Get MOMENTUM In Your Trading Journey

If you have ever dreamed about trading the Financial Market  confidently by following a proven system, then you are in the right place. 



You’re trying to piece together how to start trading consistently on your own with no help and it’s leading to massive overwhelm and confusion.

You wish someone realiable would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step of the process in building a successful and profitable trading plan and strategy.

Oh and you'd love to be able to just ask someone experienced in the industry, your questions when you're struggling and need help!

It is known that 90% of new retail traders lose 90% of their account in 90 days or less.

I get you... I have been there too!

TRADING IS A MARATHON. Get ongoing support and actionable steps to transform yourself from the nervous novice to a confident trader.


Tried and tested "Momentum Indicator"

Proven Method

Confidently trade a method that works

Long Term Legacy

Build your trading account over time

Introducing ForexDiva's NEXT LEVEL Indicator For Trading View

Our NEXT LEVEL indicator is designing for those traders who are yet to be profitable or needs more confidence in trading the market. We touch on key trading principles while keeping it SIMPLE. It is a result of a lot of testing, backtesting and retesting before we opened it up to our students

"I had my first coaching session with Bubli in 2013. She has patience, skill and knowledge and hand-held me during my initial trading days"

Phil A


Momentum In Your Trades Starts Here. What Could You Achieve Here?


Clarity On When To Get In And Out Of your Trades.


Track your progress from where you are now to where you would like to be in your trading journey.


That this group would somehow form a family the way we can grow and became a supportive trading community for each other. Together Is Better!

"Thanks so much. It is an honour to learn from you. Awesome personality and very genuine. Great teacher!"

B . Ford


Listening to my students led me to create a system that would help them to trade despite their full time job or business. A system that is simple and easy to follow and blends with their lifestyle.

I am aware of the fact that retail traders  are in need of an affordable coaching/trading support in the financial trading industry and that not everyone can afford to work 1 on 1 with a trading/technical analyst coach, so I wanted to create something where people could get help at a totally do-able price that was MEGA high in value.

This is a safe, kind, respectful and generous online space for traders of all levels to support each other's  endeavours, and also a place I can help support you and help you grow as a trader.

 So.. here's the thing!

I want to deliver my best to you.

I want to deliver what I didn’t get when I started trading the markets.

I love nurturing my community of traders. I get super excited when YOU WIN



  • Access to our bespoke TradingView  Indicator that alerts you when a trade is setting up
  • Monthly Q&A to answer your questions on trades that you have taken. 
  • Technical Analysis & Trade Set Ups that is working in the current month  (Worth $199 & more.
  • 24/7 online access to all Training Videos & Q&A's on desktop or mobile.
  • Private Members only Telegram Group
  • Access to training session that you might have missed.
  • Supportive, Caring Environment with Personalised help to guide you Simply & Clearly that will make your progress to become a Better Trader with Far Less Stress!
  • An all-access pass to the ForexDiva Community
  • Once you enrol, you will get instant access, You will also receive a confirmation  email  with our membership login details.


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  • Upcoming Advanced Strategies & Trading Systems   worth $247)
  • Be the first to know of any new course/apps/trading bots
  • Member Discounts on ongoing courses/trading services
  • 24/7 online access to the videos/ webinars on desktop or mobile.
  • Masterclass with guest speakers who are experts in their field (worth $1500) 

    Access to Bubli Trader/Technical Analyst/ for a fraction of the price of her 1 on 1 mentoring sessions

  • What I can promise? If you use the lesson area,  if you join in the live Q&A's and action the challenges, you will see results. 
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"A small monthly investment into my trading journey that I could make back from one trade. Thank You!"

V. Joshi
Business Owner

Next Level Trading Results

Here are some of the trades we have taken form our Next level Indictor. Full Disclosure: Demo Account. But trades were taken on a Real Market. Time frame 4 hour. Strategy- Simple Support Resistance. Same forex trades were taken on my (real) funded account


Pricing Options

Get instant access to a trading system that is simple and easy to follow- – whether you're a total beginner or an experienced trader. ForexDiva Momentum Indicator works on Forex , Crypto, Stocks, Commodities & Indices.



SAVE 2 MONTHS ( $110)

(Regular Price $199)

SAVE $100 every month.

 Access To Forex, Indices, Crypto

Access to Members Only  Group

Live Chart Setups.

1-3 trade setups every week

Over 50%-80% accuracy on each trade setups

Entry/Exit Alerts  





(Regular Price $199)

SAVE $150 every month.

 Access To Forex, Indices, Crypto

Access to Members Only  Group

Live Chart Setups.

UNLIMITED trade setups every week

Over 50%-80% accuracy on each trade setups

Entry/Exit Alerts  


Our Results Speaks For Itself

Live trade setups and recent results performance on the real market from our trades and students

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you enrol  you will receive an email asking for your trading view user-name. Once we receive that, you get access within 24 hours or earlier. Full Tutorials of how to add it is given inside your membership. 

Our Momentum Members get access to 5-10 trade setups every day/week. We trade on a 4 hour timeframe so each trade can fetch anything from 35 pips to 150 pips depending on what asset class your trade. 

Each trade could take 24 hours to a week to reach target depending on the asset class. 

You can take the trades at a time convenient to you as they are not 15 minutes trade setups. We built this strategy for those who trades part-time . 

You will be shown how to put in alerts that bleeps on your phone when a trade is setup. 

More tutorials are provided inside your membership portal.

Opening a Trading View Basic Account is Free. You don't require the paid version to access the indictor. 

Step By Step video tutorials of how to open and install the indicator in trading view are given inside our membership . 

There are no trail period. However, You are welcome to test the trade setups inside our free telegram group. Limited trade setups from our indicator (1-3 trades or 50 pips a week) are given inside our Free telegram group.

Access to the indicator and other tools  aren't given. 

Of course, our momentum members get much more trade setups and help inside our membership. 

There are no refunds due to the nature of the programme but you may cancel any time by emailing us at [email protected]

We are working on it. Soon we should be able to load our bespoke Momentum Indicator on platforms like ctrader and mt4. So far we have it in trading view and we have students who trade on other platforms without any issues. The entry and target levels are given so they copy and paste it to their respective platforms

We recommend that you know the basics of placing a trade and the risk associated with trading. This is not recommended if you are completely new to trading. We would suggest then that you access our "Signature course " or at least our basic course "Activate"  before you enrol for Momentum Membership.  Our Yearly Subscription includes the  Activate course . You can also have the option to add it to your cart on checkout. 

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I Am Bubli

 I help traders get consistent with their trades via our structured Trading System You don't need to know  “trading secrets” as sold by many online; You just need to develop good habits, a robust tried and tested strategy, know where to get in the market and when to get out along with the “right guidance”. 

After creating my  bespoke indicator "ForexDiva Next Level"  thereafter testing, retesting and optimising it for better performance, I am here to share, how YOU too CAN trade the financial markets online from home. Looking forward to meeting you soon. 

Bubli Sanchayita Sharma

Certified Trader (CFTe) . Funded Trader.


  • Someone who has just started trading or wants to improve as a trader.
  • Who is open to developing themselves into a better trader
  • Who is serious to learn how to trade forex and the financial markets
  • Wants to make trading their part-time for full-time income
  •  Wanting to add/replace your monthly income and work from home



  • Someone who wants to get rick quick
  • Someone who just wants to try things out only to leave it after a few weeks
  • Someone who isn’t willing in investing the time to learn a new skill which could enhance their lifestyle.
  • Someone who doesn’t wants to grow as a person and add value to their life
  • Someone who is reluctant to  invest in themselves to learn a skill.